Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monster Rally - Return to Paradise (2013)

Attempting to get more energy for writing the blog I was kicking around in some of the old posts, and I do apologize that nearly all the links are dead but to keep that shit up would be a full-time job. You should be savvy enough to hunt things down if necessary. The easy and reckless file sharing that was the scene before megaupload's shutdown just isn't coming back I fear... man that shit was cool though. However, I have for today's post something I was praising up and listening to before the even wiped my file sharing accounts off various servers, Monster Rally. Sadly I was neglectful of the new releases that this mesmerizing artist has been putting out in the last year, not unlike my previous post on Nate Hendricks. Return to Paradise maintains the core features of Monster Rally's prior work, lo-fi electronic music with a remarkably talented use of sampling to create a simultaneously nostalgic and exotic mood. It is like a soothing dream version of snippets from 1950s films set in Hawaii, a Bollywood soundtrack and a drum machine. Every bit as brilliant as I remember.

To be had here:
Monster Rally - Return to Paradise

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