Monday, June 30, 2014

The Gun Hoes - 2010-2012 Compilation

As much as like to think I'm not a garage rock addict, that I'm strong enough to say "No! I don't need it!"-- I always find myself lovingly immersed in some random band's uppity, raucous noise.

All that punk/garage/psych shit... it helps this 30-something maintain homeostasis.

The Gun Hoes are not so random, however, having releases on the amazing tape label, Cheap Miami, whose bands have graced the Spacerockmountain pages before (see Dusty Mush and The Future Primitives). After reading about about those bands, I took it upon myself to buy some Cheap Miami cassettes, and this release  by The Gun Hoes has always been the best in my opinion.

Their music is garage punk fueled by a mix of beer and testosterone. It's young with just a hint of snot, loud with touch of the strident. You could have told me that this was The Black Lips before they smoked pot and I would've believed you (I'm the most gullible person in a room, always). With song titles like "Lotion Squeeze" and "Dicks and Bondage", this music is anti-sophistication. And with that thick, black patch of chest hair on the cover, this Miami band are clearly not interested in beauty... which is something I blindly associate with that particular beach city.

Long and short of it, this music has all the energy and fun that I need to start off what's rumored to be one of the hottest Portland summers in years.

11 songs, free.

The Gun Hoes - 2010-2012 Compilation

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