Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Memory in Plant - Eyes Up (2014)

You heard this track off the most recent episode of the podcast, and thus you know everyone here at SRM loved this Israel band's new single. Sonically, this is all over the place merging found-sound files with a driving pop rhythm that the most accomplished acts would be hard pressed to produce. In less than 3 minutes, this band takes you on a ride that is one of a kind. A call to prayer is interrupted by eastern guitars and aggravated acoustic strumming as the band sings "My darling, the bed is made/ What other dead rabbits do you have down your sleeves." Insane as that sounds, this is clearly a group that has a capable ear for catchy pop gems, and if their forthcoming full length is anything like this single, it may be one of the best records of the year.

Get it here:
Memory in Plant - Eyes Up (2014)

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