Monday, June 23, 2014

The Grease Arrestor - What Was, Is. (2014)

This is another of the groups I've been listening to lately from Australia, on the recommendation of their fellow countrymen, the Citradels. However, unlike the Citradels and the others they're not from Melbourne, rather they hail from Sydney. The music that the Grease Arrestor plays is pyschedelic-shoegaze rock with a healthy dose of Eastern influence. While not to the intensity of Eastern-ness of John Berberian the Rock East Ensemble's oud playing, which is a must hear if you've never done so. I've got a soft spot for psych music that infuses that Eastern so openly, for either the epic droning style or the short rock numbers such as this group produces. The songs have a sedated, hazy tone, especially the delivery of the singing, creating a floating sound. It never amps up and cuts loose, which some might find bothersome, but personally I think that it is just fine to makes something that doesn't need to blow out my speakers but has all those wonderful psychedelic sounds. That aside, What Was, Is. has some excellent qualities, including a very polished and professional sounding recording that's all the more impressive because the band does it all themselves. Basically, if you like 60s psychedelic a bit updated and reinterpreted you'll be on board with the Grease Arrestor, and I am happy to say I meet that criteria nicely.

To be had here:
The Grease Arrestor - What Was, Is

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