Saturday, November 26, 2011

Random Singles part six

Here are some of the singles I've been meaning to post, mostly following up with artists I've previously posted.

To be had here:

Go Cozy - Silver Lining (2011)

The newest couple of songs from Go Cozy. After the two wonderful tracks they released back in August's Glimmer single, I've been looking forward to hearing more from this band. Excellent lo-fi shoegaze/dream pop.

Kitchen Wallet - Triparte (2011)

Experimental noise/math/whatever. It jumps around and attacks the ears in a real exciting fashion. Sometimes it reminds be of warped video game music but differently than chiptune. I posted this fella's music before, specifically Ibercius Fasms, under the name Kyle Haish.

Psychic Blood - Strain 7" (2011) [192 bkps]

This is a digital 7" I was sent without terribly much info. I can say it is loud, distorted punk rock. Tons of energy and pretty psychedelic guitar. A solid 7" in my opinion.

Bad Indians - The Path Home 7" (2011)

This isn't a free one, but it is rather local to me and is exactly the sort of music I love about southeast Michigan. Ypsilanti's Bad Indians are garage rockers who can serve as successors to groups like the Hentchmen, the Go, or the Gories. I posted about their 2010 album, Don't Hang That (On Me), which is free digitally.

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