Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trauma Harness - Trauma Demolitional (2011)

This is a post-punk/noise rock band from Belleville, Illinois. Fortunately I recently posted up Le Shok, which I think can serve as a good reference point for Trauma Harness's sound. Very lo-fi, hollering vocals, fast and fuzzed guitars, you know, the good stuff. It is very exciting and has the affect of getting me rather pumped up. By experience I'll say it's good music for riding a bike in the cold. The sort of rock that'll fill your head and push out all those annoyances of the body, such as hangovers or chilling winds. I will warn it is odd to listen to it on headphones when you're in a bar filled with children playing chess (Detroit, I don't understand you). Regardless, if you like loud and fast punk give Trauma Harness a go, it'll be over before you realize and you'll be going back for seconds.

To be had here:
Trauma Harness - Trauma Demolitional

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