Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bad Indians - Don't Hang That (On Me) (2010)

Also seemed I missed this release but less surprisingly so. While they can make some decent garage rock, they are making it from Ypsilanti, Michigan. This state does spawn a good number of garage acts so it can be hard to stand out a bit. Nonetheless, Bad Indians have caught my ear with their lo-fi jangling guitars and hauntingly vibrating vocals.While it'd be a hard case to make for them being unique, yet few bands are if you look hard enough. Michigan, amongst other places, have groups like this pop up regularly and I still like them each time. Re-interpreting the lo-fi garage sounds has endless endurance if you ask me. Also, I just noticed that Ongakubaka posted one of their releases yesterday, which is creepily awesome.

To be had here:
Bad Indians - Don't Hang That (On Me)

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