Tuesday, November 22, 2011

King Khan & the Shrines - Mr. Supernatural (2004)

King Khan is coming to Detroit, well, technically his Indian themed duo with Bloodshot Bill, the Tandoori Knights are. However, I've posted the only album by that outfit so I have resorted to an album I've been playing at the coffee shop lately, Mr. Supernatural. With was an earlier phase of King Khan's ever-changing styles of lo-fi rock. This album nearly straight-up funk. Soulful singing, horns galore, and jangling guitars make for a funky sound that can easily summon memories of James Brown. Super exciting and wildly busy with instrumentation it is a great album for getting worked up. Sadly this digital version still has that horrible, disdainful hangover from the era of compact discs where there's a long blank spot to "conceal" an obvious "hidden track." Excepting that technologically outdated feature, it is a wonderful listen and grab up the later album, What Is?! if you haven't got it already.

To be had here:
King Khan & the Shrines - Mr. Supernatural [192 VBR kbps]

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