Monday, November 7, 2011

How Scandinavian - Dolorous (2011)

Sorry for the break in posting, I was in Toronto for a bit, mostly trying to see how their beer measured up to Michigan's. They're not close to being as good. This album was sent in by a fella that says he enjoys my posts "to various degrees." However, that ambiguity won't be held against his music. How Scandinavian is a moniker for California's Bryan Santizo. He's producing sorta melancholy-toned post-punk/slowcore tunes. I think it might be the first album posted that could even be called slowcore. This is odd as I have good examples of and do enjoy the genre. Nonetheless, these songs are well done and emotionally provoking without being cloying, overly sappy or depressing. As one might describe it is a well balanced representative of the style. Finally, he tagged it mid-fi, which made me smile with the possibilities of such a term.

To be had here:
How Scandinavian - Dolorous

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