Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tearjerker - Rare (2011)

Tearjerker has released a new full-length album that they were kind enough to give me a heads up on. I continually play Strangers at work, both the remade version and original. Obviously I was jazzed as could be at the release of even more music from these Canadian wizards. Didn't even wait to go home to hear it, streamed it write from the workplace computer to the soundsystem in the cafe. Just as lovely and dreamy as the previous work and does so without being too similar. Lo-fi soundscapes, light use of sample for mood, hyponotic singing all with easily recognizable fine musicianship. Top notch sums it up well. If I can pedal my bike in cold winds and some of the season's first snowfall, you should at least have the decency to give this a listen.

To be had here:
Tearjerker - Rare

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