Monday, November 21, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 9

Trying to keep on top of things. Damned cold makes me less eager to get to the library. Along with listening to the back catalog of Thrilling Adventure Hour podcasts eating into my leisure time. However, I have got a chance to hear these mostly sumbitted EPs, so a new grab bag is born.

To be had here:

Bonnet People - Demo(n) (2011)

The is a debut EP by Floridian band, specifically Fort Lauderdale. Jazzy, psychedelic, rock experimentation may be a good way to put it. Despite the large degree of dissonance to be heard on in these tracks, I really liked to listen to this while I worked away at reading a novel. Possesses a kind of lovely sedative effect. The sort that allows one to relax and enjoy noises or written words in my case at least.

The Heatheners - Slow Lineage EP (2011)

Out of Portland, The Heatheners are making some dreamy pop music that has a dark, romantic tone. Just a bit gothic, they've got it tagged darkwave, but I'm not to familiar with what that term means. I do know that I found it pleasant (as much as gloom should be) and well-produced. Moreover, they actually released two EPs this month, so check out the Nocturnes EP as well.

Spectrals - A Spectrals Extended Play (2010) [224 VBR kbps]

This one I uploaded myself, but I will admit I found it on another blog months ago, forgotten which exactly. Basically, a one-man band from England with noise pop/garage tendencies. Somewhat employees wall of sound, but really just the guitar is what I liked, especially the jingle that serves for the final track.

Narrow Sparrow - Snythworks (2011)

Hailing from Chicago, Narrow Sparrow sent me this EP because my posting Elephant 6 albums, namely my recent Apples in Stereo post. Therefore, I might not be off base in saying this band sounds like they're quite directly influenced by E6-style psychpop. They're otherworldly sweet and heavy on the snyth (if the title didn't give that away). Plus vocal effects out the wazoo. Happy to have had this send me way.

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