Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jorge Ben - Jorge Ben (1969) & Força Bruta (1970)

Jorge Ben is the non-radical, or at last less politically so, musician that partook in the Tropicália movement in Brazil and helped usher in MPB (música popular brasileira). Maybe that makes his story a little less dramatic than his compatriots Caetano Veloso or Os Mutantes, but he was every inch as fine a musician. More or less, because of his music bear the same degree of politics in it as theirs he was able to preform and produce without the military government of the time interfering as much and was therefore capable of maintaining an overt presence in the country. However, all this has been made known to me only through reading, as I really don't have a clue as to what any of them are singing about most of the time. I do enjoy foreign lyrics when I'm reading, especially something as heavy as an 65 year old biography of Emperor Napoleon III of France. Anyhow, I felt I'd left out this stalwart of Brazilian music and here are two albums of his I really that are contemporary to the other Brazilian albums I've shared already.

To be had here:

Jorge Ben [192 kbps]

Força Bruta [192 kbps]

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