Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nerve City - Nerve City: Recordings 2007-2008 LP (2010)

Nerve City isn't likely not any sorta of surprise to many readers of this blog, the Sleepwalker EP did appear on my "best of 2010" and several of the blogs I link to, but I really goddamn enjoyed this collection of early recordings from the group put out by Sweet Riot. So you'll have to indulge me before I get to the backed up flow of submitted records I've got in my inbox. I don't wanna drone on too long, largely because I am tired tonight, but also because the band's appeal is quickly summarized. Nerve City is masterful in how lo-fi techniques are applied to rock and roll without relying on speed, absurdity or novelty. It can be bluesy or nearly incomprehensible, but not once does my interest stray from the songs. In fact what it reminds of the most are lo-fi psychedelic bands from the 60s, like the Index, that just rolled with how they had no means to make a high fidelity record. And, I reckon, Nerve City hasn't any desire to do so.

To be had here:
Nerve City - Nerve City: Recordings 2007-2008 LP [224 VBR kbps]


  1. Nerve City is the greatest, without any question! the LP in itself hardly shows every aspect of his music, so it's worth trying some of his 7inch recordings, especially Hell and Red Tops!

  2. Can't recommend this record enough. Good to see it posted.