Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LoOmis - Vellocet (2011)

I believe this band is canvasing blogs rather heavily, but who's to harsh them if they're making something worth shilling about? I'll admit that I know diddling shit about LoOmis but what I read on of them being from New Orleans and some influences I can't quite make out in their sound. I did really like their album nonetheless. It is a mix of lo-fi electonic and dream pop, sorta halfway to chillwave but still maintaining dreamy vocals and guitar. A good listen for a lazy afternoon, of which I've grown exceptionally fond of since my car trouble have left me grounded often enough. Lastly, LoOmis does seem rather prolific and consistently delightful, including some nice remixes. So be sure to get the other releases available on bandcamp.

To be had here:
LoOmis - Vellocet

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