Tuesday, August 16, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 4

Sorry about spotty posting. Several factors are conspiring against my blogging lately, such as getting a job, losing a stable housing situation and occasionally limited access to the internet. This is a mix of bands I've seen or that have been submitted in the last few weeks.

Pink Ligthning - First Rodeo (2011)

This is a Detroit band that I saw play at the Awesome Fest and was very happy to have seen preform. A full-length has yet to be released by Pink Lightning, yet there's an EP of their lo-fi rock is infused with some surf and soul. Live it reminded me of The Fever.

High In One Eye - Memory Hoarders (2011)

This a fuzzed out example of shoegze/math rock (post-mathrock as they tagged it?). It fluxes between dreamer bits of distorted rock and louder, more intense sections. Rather well put together and hopefully they keep it up.

Peoples Temple - Fuck Peoples Temple and the Degeneration of American Society and the Status Quo (2011)

This band is also called Dual Mausoleums, this is their older release I guess despite the chronology of its posting to bandcamp. It is some epic psychedelic noise experimentation along the lines of Raccoo-Oo-Oon, Wet Hair or Indian Jewelry. I'll likely get the newer album up soon enough.

Draconian Incubus - Undead (2011)

This submitted album falls pretty far outside of my usual fare. This band is from San José, Costa Rica but sound like a British goth rock group. This oddity alone provoked me to posting it, but really it is pretty good rock music if you're okay with atheistic preaching (I recognize the oxymoronic nature of that) and other gloomy themes.

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