Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Honeyboy Edwards - Mississippi Delta Bluesman (1979)

Honeyboy Edwards died recently, and he was the last of the bluesmen to come up out of the Mississippi Delta spread their music throughout North America and beyond. Edwards played with the likes of Robert Johnson and Son House and stuck true to the slower, simple style of making blues. NPR had a good story aired about his wherein he offers his opinion on how the blues ought to be done. They'll do a better job getting anyone up to speed on the significance of Honeyboy Edwards than I would. What I can tell you is that I can find myself sitting in a dark room at midnight listening to Delta blues not having realized five hours passed and I drank all my beer. If everything was that naturally conducive to that behavior my liver would've given out already, but it is a fine experience every now and again.

To be had here:
Honeyboy Edwards - Mississippi Delta Bluesman [320 kbps]

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  1. To be honest, I'd never heard of him until the obituaries started rolling in... I can't live without Son House so thought I'd give him a (belated) listen... thanks very much!