Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abschaum - Teenage Apocalypse (2011)

Teenage Apocalypse is a solo project of French musician going by Abschaum here, who is a member of the earlier posted noise/punk rock band Prypiat. This album is unlike Prypiat however, as it is thoroughly snyth-drenched electronic pop. Now, hopefully my manager won't read this, but when we work together that cat makes me listen to is Pandora. I loathe Pandora, as no algorithm can be allowed me please me, right? Anyhow, the speakers are at the cafe aren't angled for the employees to hear well, so it is like chilling in a bunker under Berlin that shares a thin wall with a dance club. While I imagine German clubs are superior to North American in most all respects (I've never been to one here, and once only in Dresden as far as Germany goes); I still can't see it being my bag. Nevertheless, this Frenchman does a wonderful job reminding me why dancable snyth-laden music should continue being made. Although not my sought after sound, done well it is pretty neat, and this shit is clean as fuck.

To be had here:
Abschaum - Teenage Apocalypse

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