Monday, August 29, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 5

Time to clean out even more submitted albums from my inbox. These are the EPs that I have gotten a chance to listen to this last week. All links are to bandcamp pages. Sorry for the delays and if I never emailed you back after you submitted these or other releases, I'm commuting too long and trying to find somewhere to live that'll end that bullshit.

Computer Perfection - The Merry Microbes EP (2011)

This is a new band from Detroit that has members of the previously posted on PAS/CAL. I still enjoy PAS/CAL's charming pop and I am pleased to see that much of that has bled over into this new project, albeit with more utilization of electronics. Adorable mildly experimental, electronic, indie pop.

Preludes - The Moth EP (2011)

This fellow has also been featured on the blog already, as half of Bears in America. This is a solo project he sent my way. It is low-key, dreamy pop music. Rather atmospheric yet short of ambient. Has some very hypnotic vocals prominently in tracks.

Bishop - La Era Del Gran Ordenador (2011)

An Argentine band that makes space rock. This seems to be a six song EP of which only half is streamable, but those I heard are pretty solid. I'd like to hear a full-length by these guys should one be in the works.

Treasure Hunt - Clutty Putty EP (2009)

This is a band from Dallas that makes some really absurd experimental noise pop. Includes many sounds that wouldn't seem musical at all on their own, but their strung together into a collage of confused noise that reaches a sweet degree of musicality. They've got a full-length out this year also on bandcamp that I've been meaning to get to posting but time hasn't permitted yet.

Dexter Gilmore - Sodden Sunburst (2011)

This fella also makes some really noisy music, but with amounts of shoegaze, progressive, and psychedelic rock influencing it. I haven't really heard much like this EP but I wouldn't have a problem hearing more. It is intense, lo-fi and board, this is to say pretty neat.

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