Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carton Sonore - Petits Thèmes #3 (2011)

Petits Thèmes #3 nearly automatically summoned memories of the Music Tapes. France's Carton Sonore makes use of exotic instrumentation to create a strange yet infinitely charming set of short compositions. When I queried one of the musicians I was told there is charango, ukulele, xylophones, melodicas, saz, kalimba, digital horn and singing saw. That should give even Julian Koster a wet dream. Atypical for this blog, this isn't a free release. €3 is minimum price, but of course like most things on bandcamp it is freely streamable and thereafter you can decide as you like. If I wasn't literally out of money and currently drinking the only $3 I have to spend in the form of a beer, I'd get it. For basically, it sounds like what a country carnival would have for music in the delightful place on Earth.

To be had here:
Carton Sonore - Petits Thèmes #3

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