Thursday, September 1, 2011

Furies - Donde se Fabrican las Ciudades (2010)

The younger days of the blog I posted what was a relatively obscure space rock EP by an Argentine band called the Baseball Furies. I'll admit the initial draw was their name that referenced one of my favorite films, but I posted it because their sound was fantastic. However, I do think the name was already taken by a New England punk band and perhaps other factors I'm not privy to, they're merely Furies now. The album appeals to me for many of the same reason as I enjoyed the EP. It is a dreamy yet holds interest well. The echoing Spanish lyrics, rhythmic percussion, tuneful keys and especially the space-aged guitar parts come together to make a very otherworldly soundtrack. I listened to the whole thing twice over at my job and would've more save for fear of customer complains of hearing the same thing all day. This is on bandcamp, but not a free release. Naturally you can stream the entirety though. If you're in the mood for something near-ambient, mildly krauty, and quite space rock you should give this a try.

To be had here:
Furies - Donde se Fabrican las Ciudades

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