Thursday, November 6, 2014

Uma Totoro - Energía Solar Para Tortugas Gigantes (2014)

Getting the international submissions is one of the best parts of writing up this blog, as I get to hear all sorts of musicians that I would have missed out on completely in the days before easy email communication and hyperlinks. Giving up some of my freedom to choose what I'd like to hear at any particular moment is balanced by my curiosity. However, the what I am listening to because I wanna share at some point doesn't always line up with the sort of tunes I'm in the mood for. As you may imagine I am not ready to just jump into post-rock, garage rock, avant-garde art pop at any time. Yet sometimes things line up excellently, giving me just the sort of sound I was hoping for, sometimes one that I'm liking better than what I would have heard otherwise. The chill instrumental songs of Uma Totoro were exactly what I desired to hear on this rainy, autumn morning to enjoy with coffee and a Japanese novel.

Uma Totoro are from Buenos Aires, and in what might be a weird coincidence is one of teh two submissions from the Argentine capital I received in the same day, the other being the garage rockers Kill West from the last Grab Bag. Just found that neat, for musically they're very distinct from one another. Energía Solar Para Tortugas Gigantes as I earlier mentioned is instrumental, though there are spoken word audio clips used sparingly. The appeal of this album lies in the intriguing balance of various influential styles into a seamless genre-bending experience. Undoubtedly the noisy, bass-heavy electronic dance music influence is most immediately apparent in the first few tracks, yet as one continues to listen there's subtle shifts toward krauty post-rock. The songs are solid, and that bass is a fine thing. A good instrumental album is always I thing I could use more of in my life, so I think I might even good check out the early albums by Uma Totoro.

To be had here:
Uma Totoro - Energía Solar Para Tortugas Gigantes

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