Sunday, May 20, 2012

Teen Suicide - DC Snuff Film (2012)

Thanks to the reader, Dr. Bill, that sent me an email alerting me to these guys. Best I can figure is that this is a Maryland based group that way into making lo-fi music. Wouldn't call it noise rock, perhaps that nebulous term noise pop is best. Not doing the best job conveying what I mean here, however it'll be pretty immediately evident once you listen to it. Point is that its exciting and loud, reminding me of Nohopekids, Fungi Girls, and some of Cloud Nothings stuff. I'll tell ya, I'm thankful as much of this kind of noisy lo-fi music as I can get. Now that I'm working again and exerting physical labor is important (not to mention dealing with the general public), this sort of music has become a kind of crunch for me to sneak off a lean on when the bosses aren't watching. What's better than illicitly listening to rock and roll? It is done well and can't beat the price (free, naturally).

To be had here:
Teen Suicide - DC Snuff Film


  1. one half of Teen Suicide is Sam Ray, and Sam Ray is also Ricky Eat Acid (

  2. A great band and this is great blog. thanks.