Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jeffery Drag Summer 'O12 Sampler

It's infrequent that I post up sampler albums from labels, but also it is uncommon for me to get one filled with so much great garage rock. Jeffery Drag Records really has its shit together and has cobbled together a fantastic line-up of musicians. All ten of these tracks are finely done lo-fi garage that should appeal to any fans of Ty Segall, the Gories or Mark Sultan (who I finally hope to see tomorrow night). To my shame only Useless Eaters, Natural Child and Ghost Dance (by way of their kindly referring me to the sampler) were known to me. Too much time shelving used books and too little time trolling the internet for sounds. Has taught me that I'm gonna have to breakdown and pay those motherfuckers the extortionist fee for home internet. Or I can just bitch about it while posting this stuff up at a local watering hole as always, in either case more music will be sought and I'm happier for knowing of these bands.

To be had here:
JDR Sampler 2k12

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