Friday, May 11, 2012

Otomo - Getaway Songs (2012)

A two-piece band from Spain that plays some cheerful instrumental post-rock. Sometimes I wonder if my decline in listening to post-rock is simply because much of it feels brooding or worrisome even without lyrics, but no such worries should apply to Otomo. For lack of a better term I'll say they've got a jazzy sound that I've found is cleverly optimistic. At times the album has similarities with the glo-fi albums I've posted on the blog months ago. A nice infuse of breezy and summertime moods to electronic elements. Certainly nice to hear on my first day of with nice mild weather since it's begun to warm up in Detroit. All ten tracks are for free on bandcamp and finally I'll mention that if you're a fan of the ambient I've been writing up lately you'd do well to check these guys out.
To be had here:
Otomo - Getaway Songs

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