Monday, May 14, 2012

Nolan Strong & The Diablos - Fortune 1 & 2: Motor City Detroit Doo-Wops

So I've mentioned Nolan Strong & The Diablos before, went so far as to share the compilation tribute album of their songs. However, I didn't share their music itself so far as it took me a minute to download a suitably high bit rate version of the two part Fortune compilation containing many of their numbers. Time has come though, as I've been preaching the amazing qualities of Nolan Strong's most astounding voice to all my friends so naturally they're asking why I've not shared it yet. Now, these guys will be familiar to some surely, but for those unacquainted Nolan Strong & The Diablos were a Detroit doo-wop/R&B band active in the 50s and 60s that achieved a moderate amount of success, especially with the songs "The Wind" and "Mind Over Matter." Yet to reduce them to these examples would be unjustifiable, for there are literally over a dozen tracks that I think merit being unqualified masterpieces. I can't get enough of "Blue Moon," "Do You Remember What You Did," "Harriet, it's You" and "Yeah Baby, it's Because of You" (this last track I've been familiar with even before I knew it was theirs through a garage rock version done by the Fondas). This band is the first I've obsessed over so intensely in a long ass time, listening to them sometimes exclusively for a whole day. I've even had to stop listening before I go to work or I'll have it stuck in my head until I go to bed. If all that means nothing, chew on this supposedly true quote from Lou Reed: "If I could really sing, I'd be Nolan Strong."

To be had here:

Fortune 1: Motor City Detroit Doo-Wops

Fortune 2: Motor City Detroit Doo-Wops


  1. A re-up of these rare collections would be cool, thanks in advance!