Thursday, May 31, 2012

Monster Rally - Beyond the Sea (2012)

I'm very aware I've been promising and hoping to make more frequent posts and utterly failing to deliver for months, but that's the fucking rub I suppose. However, there's little better reason to emerge from a temporary silence to spread the word about this new LP by Monster Rally. This guy's been written up here and on several blogs I admire for his previous releases and everything that made those so meritorious can consistently be heard on Beyond the Sea. For those unfamiliar with Monster Rally's music, it is a fantastic example of what some term glo-fi, which I think of as lo-fi electronic music with heavy usage of samples and looping to create something oddly nostalgic yet unique. Moreover, all his songs have a tropical exotica theme that makes it absolutely wonderful for listening to while baking under the summertime sun that's been scorching Detroit and various other locales recently. Finally, while the digital version has been released in a "name your price' scheme, there's a vinyl version coming out in June with pre-ordering going down now.

To be had here:
Monster Rally - Beyond the Sea

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