Thursday, May 3, 2012

mwvm - Had Yr Pash (2012)

I'll begin with an apology for the slow pace of posting but it is starting to really get to me that I haven't any internet at home. Don't feel terribly motivated to go out and get a connection somewhere, and it's very easy to get distracted when I do so. On top of it I can't pre-read submission emails because now my smartphone is broken. Fuck all that shit though, this is more of the calming ambient music people have been thrusting my way with increasing vigor, again from Silber Records. Can't tell you what mwvm means, but I bet that's why they picked the name. Had Yr Pash is forty-five minutes of swelling otherworldly drones and gentle tones. As is often the case with ambient competently composed, the tracks can achieve emotional complexity without the need or want of a single lyric. Sometimes I find that the album art is more important in instrumental albums, for it is the only communication an artist provides other than titles and instrumentation itself. So it seems odd to use a picture from WWII on such a peaceful sounding collection of songs. What's this mwvm up to? Pondering questions like that to music like this is something I can stand to do more of.

To be had here:
mwvm - Had Yr Pash

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