Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sound of Wonder! (2009)

This is a crazy compilation that I actually heard recommended on my favorite international news show, The World from Public Radio International, et al. The fella who's name I forgot said it was something unique. Boy howdy he was correct, it blew my fucking brains out as I wasted hours playing click-and-point RPGs to celebrate by break from college courses. After a short time I was playing them just to have an occupation for my hands and eyes while my ears were pleasured. As to what exactly is on this compilation of humdingers, if my memory serves me the fella on the radio said it was 1970s Pakistani songs from the often overlooked film industry of Lahore. If that doesn't sell you on wanting to hear some I'm not really sure why you read my blog at all. Naturally, Pakistan did not exist in a void in the 70s, so there are features one familiar with the eras music may likely recognize like fuzz guitar. The majority of the lyrics are sung in language known to Pakistan, I hesitate to state which for sure for I am not capable of differentiating South Asian tongues. The point is that they transport you to another time and place. Being it predictable that you're as unfamiliar as I am to the culture around them they won't explain much but they'll hopefully send your mind of some delightful imaginations. Oh, and if you do like this sort of thing, weird compilations I mean, the label that released this has more cool shit, them being Finders Keepers Records.

To be had here:
The Sound of Wonder! [160 VBR kbps]


  1. Sounds good; I like that you take your time to talkabout the record instead of most blogs that just post links.

    I'll be downloading this bad boy

  2. Hehe! The language is Hindi. I'm from India and it does sound very Hindi, although Pakistani's tend to speak more of Urdu.
    No offence but I found the music quite hilarious (I just find the Indian/Pakistani music scene very funny and mostly depressing). But I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    What is truly beautiful is the classical music, Hindustani and Carnatic. Also other music like Qawwalis (more popular amongst the Muslim community) and Ghazals.
    Oh! turns out there is a bit of Punjabi and Urdu in places.

  3. Although I must say there a lot of beautiful singers. If only they made better music. Unfortunately a majority of the country loves the ridiculous song/dance sequences in movies which makes the basis for this music.