Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Le Loup - Family (2009)

I had high praise for this group's first album, which I still feel is a fantastic release. However, I feel even more enamored with this album, it just blows my fucking mind. I had a certain timidness towards listening to it at first as I enjoyed the first album so much I as fearful of disillusionment with the new songs, and I was holding out hope that somebody would tell me it had more crazy sweet guitar parts like the first. The guitar parts are not really there, but I couldn't care less to be honest. Once I finally got over my fears and plunged into giving it a whirl, it turned into about 15 whirls I loved it so much. I could not pin down a word for it on my own, but the music gave me a strange feeling like I was hearing it on a tropical island or forest. On the description is a mixture of tribal and experimental rock, and I guess that works, but it isn't like world music if you follow me. The singing is amazing, just like the last album, but the overall composition of the songs are far superior I believe. Additionally, they cut out the electronic aspects found in a few tracks of the first release. This is a improvement for the style they capture in Family. If you're the type that doesn't want to search the tracks for your favorite song (why are you bothering with life by the way?), the favorites are "Grow," "Sherpa" and "Family."

To be had here:
Le Loup - Family [192 VBR kbps]

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