Friday, December 11, 2009

Duster - Contemporary Movement (2000)

I don't have too much energy to explain a bunch of jazz about this album. I'm sure I found this on a blog on some corner of the internet, placed it somewhere, forgot I had it, found it, listened and loved it. Nevertheless, beyond my scatterbrained thought process, Contemporary Movement is a fantastic, if not brand new, album. Musically it is an admirable combination of noise pop and electronic ambient sounds to make something that possesses relaxing qualities (at least for me) while not putting me to sleep. Feels like the name of this blog come to life to a degree, insomuch that it is very spacey. Despite it's what I initially thought upon starting the first track, there are vocals, good ones at that. This wasn't this first album, but the only one I've gotten time to listen to. There's info aplenty about Duster on the intertubing if you need to know more.

To be had here:
Duster - Contemporary Movement [256 kbps]


  1. hey, that link isn't working anymore. Use this one

  2. that link also doesn't work anymore, any chance to upload it back? thanks.

  3. im reporting here, its 2016, and the link is still up n running! if yr reading this then you like rad music