Monday, December 21, 2009

Little Girls - Concepts (2009)

This like the last post is most likely one of the better albums of 2009. I had found this band through the internet before I could even find the album on p2p and having to wait only made me cherish it all the more. Right along the lines of psychedelic noise I have been tooting off about as of late, Concepts is a most righteous addition to the latest posts. They seem to fancy themselves a post-punk group and to a degree I can see this, but I always think of Josef K and Gang of Four when I think post-punk. Needless to say, some of it reminiscent of those fine days in Britain yet is is far noisier than anything they were undertaking. I'll admit a certain amount of jealously for my friends that are in Toronto and get to claim them as their own. Luckily, being in Detroit means Toronto is among my cheapest and most accessable vacation destination. I'd drive four hours to listen to them, and I pass up some decent shit right here out of my laziness.

To be had here:
Little Girls - Concepts [224 VBR kbps]

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