Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shogun Kunitoki - Vinonaamakasio (2009)

These Finns really made something fantastic back in 2006 with their debut album, Tasankokaiku. I feel somewhat obligated to share this as well. This is there follow-up, and as that was a hard act to come after it isn't as amazing to me. Overall, the style is very similar except that the gamewave elements of first album have diminished greatly. The entirety is organized heavily around percussion and synthesizers. Same as the last release, this is a completely instrumental album and it has some really foreign track titles that are really fun to try to say. While Vinonaamakasio could be better it is by no means a bad album. It can be thoroughly enjoyed if this sort of electronic music is something you seek out. I'll probably listen to is a few more times and see what comes of it.

To be had here:
Shogun Kunitoki - Vinonaamakasio [320 kbps]

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