Monday, June 4, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 18

Here's what I've got to offer out of the old submissions box. I think it is a pretty fair crowd of EPs to be heard and none of them the garage rock or lo-fi whatnots I preach about. Good to get around with music even if it is discouraged in other facets of life.

To be had here:

Marble Lion - Foliage EP (2011)

A four song EP from a Montreal based band. They've got a pop/noise sound going on incorporates spoken word and ambient sounds to provide the songs with a cinematic vibe. They've got a sweet middling tone that's between cheerful and gloomy. Lends the EP that profoundness normally the realm of post-rock epics but in shorter doses.

Tres Face Von Dingo/Goat Lightning - C.D.D 1-5-3 (2011)

A split album with 5:1 ratio of songs between Tres Face Von Dingo and Goat Lightning. How these cats decided to make a split is unknown to me, as one's tagged from Missoula and Boston for the other. Fuzzed out, jangly sort of numbers from the former with a singer that's vaguely reminiscence on Coner Oberst. The latter's offering is a psychedelic electronic tracks that imaginatively loops about (note: they linked me to something else orginally, but it's all good). Purchasable at the label's site.

Johnny Newman - Late Summer, Red River (2012)

This fella's a folk musician whose reference to nature in his lyrics are picturesque. Does remind me of acts like the Tallest Man On Earth, Josephine Foster or even Pete Seeger, yet his vocals are more plain-spoken and clear than either of them. His poetic use of words makes for as fine traditional folk as I've heard lately. Streaming via bandcamp and to be bought for $6.

 Tuber - Tuber EP 12" (2012)

This is a real fresh one for a change. Tuber is an instrumental post-rock from Greece with the membership consisting of three brothers. They play on the heavier side of post-rock so many would likely aver to classify it as stoner rock. Whatever terminology makes you more comfortable is fine but the music shouldn't be underestimated. Epic is something these boys have got down to an art, makes me wanna go back and listen to Maserati and Tracer AMC.

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