Sunday, June 17, 2012

derT A N Z - White Party Demo

Not much time to post up on this Father's Day weekend but I spirited away my little brother's computer to say something about this demo EP from Budapest. They play some real noisy, lo-fi rock and roll that's filled with fuzzed guitar and hollering vocals. Just a short set of five tracks that are comparable in intensity with Mindflayer, Lake of Dracula and Neon Hunk (sorry for the dated references but I'm doing this from memory without my hard drive to supplement my memory). Basically, a good way to describe it is experimental punk, kinda free form/improvised rock that's got a hard sound that can take it rather close to heavy metal at moments. Pretty neat stuff and worth ignoring family for a few minutes for.

To be had here:
derT A N Z - White Party Demo

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