Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sharpest - Tophet Chasm (2012)

The Sharpest make music that's classifiable as math rock, insomuch that they've made heavy use of angular guitar playing, pounding percussion and all around swiftness. Hopefully their feathers won't get ruffled as I compare them to Don Caballero, Turing Machine, Majmoon, and perhaps a little like US Maple that Larry recently posted up. There's several aspects that do make these guys stand out to me. The sound is really full and if you can afford to turn up the volume it is rather rewarding. Additionally, the subtleness of the vocals, being mostly employed to accent instrumental work, indeed disappearing for stretches just to reemerge and gone again in a wisp. They've also got a couple of those long tracks that I'm so sweet on in math or post-rock. However, the most important thing is that they know how to write rock songs are get one excited.

To be had here:
The Sharpest - Tophet Chasm

P.S. There's bad news about the links I've put up recently. None of them shall work because mediafire suspended my account, and while I can make a new email address and try again it seems pointless to try to skirt them so I need time to figure out a more long term fix. For though I am very thankful to all the albums musicians and labels are sharing with us legally, I don't like being boxed in by outmoded standards and I'll try to subvert them anew. Bear with me and remember p2p and torrents are a thing. Or if you have got something you might upload it yourself and put a link in the comments? Perhaps that's asking too much, but if you do I'll be beyond jazzed.

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  1. Sorry to here about mediafire, filehosts are a total pain in the ass, keep up the good work!!