Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moondawg Jones - Particles '10 (2010)

Now this has gotta be one of the best named musical acts to ever submit an album. I likely too frequently call people "dawg" and I think the name "Jones" can make nearly anything funny to me. Moreover, the comedic tenor of the name does carry over in the non-serious mood of the music. Intensely lo-fi and loud garagesque to such a degree that I can't hardly resist grinning. Like a cat-calling old man staring down a passing lady, I find all sort of things to to my fawn over in this album. Firstly, the distorted bellowing is righteous enough to support the album, but the finely tuneful guitar playing really seals the deal. While the style and speed of the song"ll shift, that fuzzy howling really does persist. There's gold to be heard in "Need Dat" and "Forge" in my humblest of opinions, and only a reader foolish enough to not enjoy lo-fi should pass them up (and why are you reading this shit at all if that's the case?). Perhaps the only bad part is being two years late to the listening.

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