Monday, June 25, 2012

The Gentle Stunts - Life-Size Deadbeats (2012)

This is a new release from a Popular Wallpaper Recordings, which in full disclosure I pal of my old buddy John wrote me on behalf of. However this post is shouldn't be confused with cronyism, for the talent of the songwriter behind the Gentle Stunts, Cal McNamara, will be rather obvious to anyone that give the album a listen. Lo-fi rock and roll is a general way of describing it but that covers a lot of ground. I'll endeavor to elaborate a bit. The songs will commonly slow their roll dips toward dreamy indie pop, but by the time the tracks "Holy Score" and "Waving Rather Soon" are reached a remarkable stride can be heard unfolding. In fact the longer you listen the immediate the recognition of how catchy and well-composed they are become evident. The songs noisy and psychedelic enough to keep my absurd ears happy. A damned solid bunch of music to squeeze into less than half an hour.

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