Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cat Tongue - Cat Tuong (2012)

A rather strange album with an offbeat name today. As nearly everything I wanna post I here it is lo-fi as all get out, perhaps I don't even need to bother explaining that any longer. It is a batch of odd, outta tune psych-pop songs really, not that all them really even get to that degree of complexity. Interestingly it is quite compellingly sweet for moments and then confusing straightaway again. Neat in that sorta of way that quirkiness is something everyone has gotta find admirable if it doesn't make itself unbearable. In fact, far from being unbearable, it is charming. I can't really describe the music itself without any amount of accuracy, so if the previous words are enough to pique any curiosity I suggest you give it a go, at very least there are far worse ways to spend 15 minutes of your day.

To be had here:

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