Monday, June 11, 2012

Cavedweller - 2016 pt II & III (2012)

Boy, am I ever happy when I get back to listening my way through submitted albums and find something that just strikes my fancy so exactly as Cavedweller has. Rather laid-back lo-fi psych-folk sort of musicians that perhaps bear some reasonable resemblance to the Gris Gris, Songs of Green Pheasant, and Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't. To put that more simply, they've got roots in the stripped down psychedelia and garage that's inspired many before them and surely more to come. Nevertheless, I highly enjoy how these guys have done so. In particular the harmonious singing and twangy guitars suit me just fine. Wonderfully done and perfect stuff to help pass time in the summer heat. Free download or $5 cassette.

To be had here:
Cavedweller - 2016 pt II & III

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