Sunday, July 1, 2012

Velibor Nikolic - Covek Peva Posle Rata (2012)

Here we've got a solo album from Serbian musician Velibor Nickolic, who tells me he plays in a post-metal band called Brigand as well. Now the album gives me little reason to doubt his post-metal credentials, as one of the tracks falls rather squarely into that sort of jam. However, Nickolic doesn't hold himself to one genre by any means. In fact, the tracks I am finding most enjoyable are more what I'd call psych-folk with "Kauboj, Njegovo Dvoriste I Njegov Karton" and "7324" being good examples of this. In some ways it feels like modernistic version of Meic Stevens or Bröselmachine (I do apologize for my esoteric references, but foreign lyrics in folk takes my memories to tucked away places). In addition, the opening song is more experimental and mildly ambient. Basically, the guy's putting up a solid musical resume and it'd be cool to hear what'd he produce if he focused in on a fully psychedelic project. 

To be had here:
Velibor Nikolic - Covek Peva Posle Rata [320/256 kbps]

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