Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Russian Futurists - The Weight's on the Wheels (2010)

The time has come for a bit of indie pop to reemerge on the mount. Admittedly, the Russian Futurists is an artist that goes heavily electronic. I've listened to Matthew Adam Hart's one-man band for years on and off as he released new albums. It has been a bit of a stretch since his previous full-length, over half a decade, but he has remained rather consistent in his sound nevertheless. Electronic instrumentation with effected, harmonious vocals being the mainstay. My immediate reaction was that it might not have strayed which far enough from the earlier works, but really he does this sort of music with such skill there is something laudable about keeping it. The song "One Night, One Kiss" is a duet with fellow Canadian musician Ruth Minnikin one of the better featured. Anyway, I get sticking to the formula if you've been off for years yet should more from Hart come out I'd love to hear him experiment some more.

To be had here:
The Russian Futurists - The Weight's on the Wheels [256 VBR kbps]

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