Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Light Leak - Thoughts Of Mirth (2010)

Had a surreal night yesterday, put me in the mood for some soothing electronic music. Light Leak is a glo-fo project I ran across on bandcamp a few weeks back, I do believe the same time I found Turning Torso. It's tagged with "Germany" so I am gonna assume that is where the artist hails from. It is laid-back as all get out, reminding me mildly of Ra Cailum. Thoughts Of Mirth has done wonders for decompressing my weirded-out mind today so I thought it is come due to share. Maybe my favorite part are the ethereal, echoing vocals contrasting with the eccentric beats in "The Morning Sun." Worth a whirl to hear it all though.

To be had here:
Light Leak - Thoughts Of Mirth

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