Sunday, July 3, 2011

Turning Torso - Walker (2010)

About time I took off those lo-fi rock blinders. Turning Torso is Mexico's David Sánchez producing music with his guitar and a computer for sampling, looping and sonic wizardry. I'd say it falls rather neatly into the glo-fi category, yet showing how variable that genre can be it is only mildly similar to other acts like Ocelote Rojo, María y José, or Ra Cailum. Suppose they're more united in methods and overall mood than anything else. Walker is kinda like Boards of Canada or Casino Versus Japan with a much more pronounced role for the guitar. Has a jazzy element to it to it as well that appears in tracks like "Milees" and "Walker." Exactly the sort of sounds that help keep me levelheaded as I submit application after application without noticeable progress. There is also an EP entitled Lo-fi and a B-sides and Remixes to check out if you liked this album.

To be had here:
Turning Torso - Walker

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