Sunday, July 17, 2011

Projeto Trator - A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado (2007) & O Caldo Vai Azedar (2009)

Projeto Trator are a Brazilian stoner rock duo that sent me two of their EPs the other day. One of the perks of writing a music blog is that people will ignore what I usually post up and submit music that I'd otherwise be very unlikely to listen to. These songs by Projeto Trator are a fine example of the sort of stuff I would not go hunting for but now that it has been dropped on my digital doorstep I am pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it shouldn't shock me, as stoner rock/sludge does share key elements with what I do often seek out, lo-fidelity recording, loud guitar, and exciting percussion. However, I can't help but be reminded of my teenage years when I'd commonly find myself traveling around in my pal's shitty minivan with an over-sized sound system blasting some rather mediocre metal. This set of EPs straddles that gulf between my metalhead friend's taste and my bluesy, garage rock predilection in a way that is remarkably listenable. If only I could've gotten my hands of this for him to play in the death-wagon of an automobile at the time.

To be had here:

A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado [256 kbps]

O Caldo Vai Azedar [320 kbps]

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