Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calvin, Don't Jump! - Crystal Clear Mississippi (2001) & A Way With Birds (2003)

I am taking off for a bachelor party up north here in Michigan for the weekend, so there'll be no posting from me until sometime next week. However, as I am making for the door I am might as well lay something down on you even if it is a obvious choice. I recently posted Great Lakes, which got me into the mood for listening to more Elephant 6 bands. Calvin, Don't Jump! was one of the many solo project spawned in the aftermath of Olivia Tremor Control, in this case by J. Kirk Pleasant. He put out two studio full-lengths (and a live album that I don't have) under this moniker and I find both of the charming and wonderful examples of the E6 psychedelic pop sound. Really is the bee's knees and if you're not a fan of all the older E6 rest assure I don't have an unlimited supply and I'm running low already. However, for now I am gonna have a good time drinking in the woods.

To be had here:

Crystal Clear Mississippi [192 bkps]

A Way With Birds [192 VBR kbps]

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