Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pete Dello - Into Your Ears (1971 [1989])

I was just turned onto the magnificence that is Pete Dello's Into Your Ears by Brinley Davies of The Moles in an email exchange. Imagining that if I hadn't realized it existed that there may be a goodly amount of pilgrims that haven't either. The album is a production of that late 60s/early 70s psychedelic folk that encompassed all variety of artists popular and obscure. After reading up on Dello I found out that he was the lead of a Beatlesque band called Honeybus, best known for their hit "I Can't Let Maggie Go" from 1968. Into Your Ears a quick follow up after departing the band and then leaving the music industry altogether later that decade. The song "Do I Still Figure in Your Life" is the most famous as it has been covered numerous times but not my personal favorite. "Harry the Earwig" is so oddly fantastic that I want to share it with all my friends. Plus it is the source of inspiration for the wild album art. However, "Uptight Basil" has got to be my favorite, and there are two versions as this is technically the reissue from 1989 that features additional tracks. There's no shortage of neat songs though; both "It's the Way" and I'm a Gambler" have been stuck in my head since I first heard them. A brilliant album and my thanks go to Mr. Davies for the recommendation.

To be had here:
Pete Dello - Into Your Ears [192 VBR kbps]

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  1. I discovered this album in 1971 when I was a weekend hippy!

    Dr Ted Bailey