Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish (2011)

This submission is rather unique, as I don't think I've many teenagers, let alone a 15 year old send in an album before. However, I am not posting it per the novelty of the artist's age, but rather for the fact that it is an exceptionally wild and fantastic experimental/progressive rock album. By golly gumdrop, first track is a 26 and half minute long odyssey. There's no need to spoil the experience by describing what happens in the songs too much, but I will assure you it is pretty captivating if you're a fan of progressive or krautrock. It is out there yet doesn't get busy and without sampling and prerecorded beats. This kid has gotta either really like messing around with the guitar or he's got way too much time on his hands. Check it out and see what I'm on about.

To be had here:
Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish

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