Friday, May 22, 2015

Mondrian Loop - LAP​[​WW] (2015)

I really wouldn't know a damned thing about hip hop at all if it wasn't for my brother. He doesn't know about much of it to be honest either, but he does love instrumental hip hops, beats and the more experimental side the whole business. Over the years it's become something we know we can both handle hearing without driving one of us up the wall. Much preferable to him needling me with Fleetwood Mac songs. Therefore, I was very willing to throw on some rose-tinted glasses as I hear Mondrian Loop, but I don't think I needed them.

I was sent literally nothing more than a hyperlink to this bandcamp page, so everything else is pieced together from there. Seems this producer(s) is from Florida and makes stripped down instrumental hip hop. By stripped down I mean that the tracks are not very complex nor long, but rather have a rawness to them that's appealing. It really reminds me of much of the newer forms of lo-fi electronic music usually eager to write-up such glo-fi, vaporwave and so on. One could even throw it one of those 'genres' if you so fancied. Regardless of what you call it, LAP​[​WW] is a spacey, looping affair that makes for excellent late night listening.

To be had here:
Mondrian Loop - LAP​[​WW]

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