Sunday, May 10, 2015

Arnold Fish - In The Land Of The Elephant Blues (2015)

Hearing In The Land Of The Elephant Blues is a rather unique and interesting experience. As with all music, any of the particular moving parts bear similarities and influences from other artists, yet the key is in the reconstitution of these elements into a fresh and invoking manner. Arnold Fish has drawn from all over the realms of psychedelia, garage rock, pop music and even progressive rock. It is rather purposefully and delightfully bombastic in incorporating these influences, as you'll hear in the dreamily effected vocals, buzzing guitar riffs and most excellent organ playing. It is all trippy and a bit over the top, pulling from some of the weirder aspects of 60s rock and not afraid to play it up further. That said the songs are not alienating nor mere novelties, but rather they're remarkably catchy in their own way. There are some outstanding tracks such as "A Colorful Festival," "The Boogeymen" and "Lady Harrington," however I imagine a fan of garage/psychedelia will be hard pressed to find a song that isn't entertaining.

I believe the best comparison for Arnold Fish from anything posted recently is Max Mayall Fine, though replacing Fine's liberal horn flourishes and jazzy world music vibe for a decidedly more psychedelic and progressive style. What the share is the energy and a skillful adaptation of genres into an idiosyncratic fusion. Finally, this album was released by the Athens, GA label, Garden of Dreams Records (aka G.O.D. Records). Seems they've got a few interesting things out, including a compilation which looks worthwhile.

To be had here:
Arnold Fish - In The Land Of The Elephant Blues

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