Monday, September 5, 2011

Ganglians - Still Living (2011)

I've been looking forward to this release for since I got my hands on Monster Head Room and Woodsist 12' in 2009. Ganglians had that updated psychedelic-era Beach Boys sound down impressively, and Still Living continues to deliver on that premise. However, the band isn't rehashing anything with the new album. The songs feel bolder, like the band was trying to expand their dreamy, psych rock and make something hazy yet fuller. The result is something with a popper edge that shouldn't offend the sensibilities of fans of their previous releases. Monster Head Room has hardly left my iPhone since it came out, and it makes regular rotation at work and in the car, and I'll say that Still Living is seeming going to get the same treatment.

To be had here:
Ganglians - Still Living [320 kbps]


  1. fucking mindblowing. have been waiting forever for this, thanks !

  2. could you pleeeeeease fix the link